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Biodegradable Wheat Straw Handles/Razors Two Blade

Biodegradable Wheat Straw Handles/Razors Two Blade

Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Wheat Straw Handle/Razors
Every time you pick up your razor, do you think about where it has come from, or what its cost to the planet is?
We care about our Planet With Our [Biodegradable Wheat Straw Handle/Razors]
We Care at: USaveShaveClub.Com

Product Information

1. Our biodegradable wheat straw handle is made from a hot pressed wheat straw with wheat straw starch that keeps the true color of the wheat straw handle.

2. Our biodegradable Wheat straw handle has a ergonomic design for comfort and strength, Plus offering comfortable

3. We care about our planet with offering our biodegradable wheat straw razors, this product is safe for our planet.
After using, clean and dry the cartridge for next use.
keep away from Children.


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